Fellowship Workshop

Gio had the opportunity to go on a two day workshop with the Fellowship for British Hairdressing at the Ask Academy in London. He got to work alongside some of the best in the industry including Kai Wan and President of the Fellowship Bruno Marc! The first day, Gio had to go to the Academy and meet up with the other members of the team and discuss what sort of theme they would be going for and also get to learn about what makes a photo POP. They talked about the importance of models, lighting and of course hair. The second day, Gio had to have his model with him so he could achieve looks for the collection. We got in touch with the agency we networked with at the Photography Show, Jera Models, and they found Gio the perfect model, Nia! So after styling the hair in numerous different styles on the models and getting to get up close behind the lens, Gio had his finished looks. Also, as a bit of fun, Gio wanted to create a Twiggy-esque style image and was chuffed with his results. He is looking forward to doing more work with the Fellowship in the future.