Biancos Barbers

Biancos Barbers


Starting Biancosbarbers I had lots of help along the way and could not have got it done in time without everyone that chipped in. I’m very grateful!

The picture is me with my cousin, who with his sister, owns the salon that I work out of. Without them I wouldn’t have even started my career in hair. The other man is my great uncle Toni Bianco. He owned the salon before my cousins did and he was the inspiration for the name “BIANCO’S BARBERS”. There are many hairdressers and barbers in my family but he was the first coming over from Italy in 1963 and going on to open 3 salons in and around the area. He’s been a guiding figure over the last few years in my barber career and I wanted to pay homage to him by using his name.

At biancos barbers I strive to provide the best quality services a barber can give. These barber services range from a classic hair cut to a full traditional wet shave.

When it comes to hair there are multiple ways and styles to to cut. We will always discuss these before starting your service. When Booking through the website you will see a range of suggested appointments, this is to give myself the appropriate time to achieve your desired look.

As for wet shaves. Wet shaves have stood the test of time and to this day although there are alternate ways of shaving classic is best! Here at BIANCO’s I do anything from a simple yet relaxing hot towel face treatment to face and/or head wet shaves. I performed these services using traditional methods and techniques that I have learnt through extensive in person shaving courses and many hours of practice. These wet shave services are always going to result in you leaving the barbers feeling relaxed and fresh.

Simply put BIANCO’s barbers is not only a barbers but a place to enjoy a drink and chat whilst getting a quality barbering service.

Bianco Price List

Beards Beard trim £10
Beard trim & hot towel treatment £18
Hair Classic hair cut £15
Skin fade £15
Cut& wet shave £30
Under 16/OAP £12.50
Shaved head £10
Shaves Full Wet shave £20
Hot towel treatment £12
Head shave £20