We are super proud of our team especially at such a difficult time which is happening across the globe. Our team of 15 people recently went to Blackpool to enter the NHBF competition at Winter Gardens. We have returned with 9 awards which is outstanding. For Jaidan and Olivia, this was their first time entering anything like this and they did amazingly. They both entered the ‘FIRST TIMERS (BLOW-DRY) – Students’ category and Olivia came 3rd. Jaidan has only really blow-dried a handful of times, so we were pleased that he gave it ago and managed to complete the blow-dry in the allocated time. Olivia’s blow-dry was beautiful and she deserved her place.

The next category was ‘LADIES LONG HAIR FASHION LOOK’ which Lauren went on to win. She created a beautiful, elegant look on her model and we were so pleased for her!

The ‘MALE FASHION LOOK’ had two categories. There was one for students and one which was open to all. This category mainly had barbers participate in it. From our team, Liz, Gio and Becky all entered and Jaidan entered the student one. You had 45 mins to complete a look where you cut at least 1cm off the whole head. Gio came 3rd in this category and Jaidan came 2nd in his. We were all overwhelmed by this point however there was more to come. We also entered the ‘FRONT COVER’ category where Lauren came 2nd. Becky entered the ‘HAIR- UP’ category and for the second time, she had won with maximum points. We were so pleased, and her look was stunning!

Then there was the ‘MAN ON THE STREET’ category which was again for students and open to all. This time, you didn’t have to cut your models’ hair if you didn’t want to however you just had to present a look that you thought was on trend. So, Jaidan, Liz and Gio all entered this category and again Jaidan came 2nd in his category. This time Liz also came 3rd in the open for all version and Gio eventually ended up winning the category.

We all had a fantastic time. The professional photos will eventually be uploaded onto the NHBF website, but for now we have photos we took ourselves.